This is the first time I’ve looked at using Word-Press as a main website.  I have to say (without kissing-up too much) it’s pretty awesome!  It’s really easy to customise and add bits and bobs too.  I’m really not sure what I want or expect from having a ‘website’ other than getting to play about with it and make it look pretty.

I really should introduce myself.  My name is Siobhan and I’m on most sites as pineapplelime.  Siobhan is pronounced sh-von and pineapplelime is pronounced however you like!  I came by that handle after compiling a list of all my favourite words and a trend appeared of easy-to-say four lettered words and words with double letters.  I liked the different images I could conjure up with this mix of words: Pineapple Lime, Pine Apple Lime, Pine Applelime, etc.  Also I realised a couple weeks ago that I have Synesthesia with regards to letters and numbers appearing in colour when I imagine them.  Pineapplelime has a very nature-y green/yellow/brown/white feel to it, which I like very much!

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and I love it.  I feel so lucky to have grown up here.  It seems to embody the perfect amount of busy/calm, city life/country life.  And if it weren’t for the roadworks (eye-roll!) and the trams that they’re trying to put in (groan!) I’d declare it ‘perfect’.

I’m married and have two cats, I love knitting, taking photos, cooking, baking, drawing & painting.  And that’s about it!  How about you?