I’m just back from a week long get-away to a tiny place called Earlsferry in Elie.  It is such a beautiful place.  One of those places where the sky feels huge, so much bigger than where ever ‘home’ is.  I’ll get my photos up soon but I don’t want to overwhelm myself like I usually do when it comes to choosing the “picks”.  Also, I’m a bit pedantic when it comes to sorting out photos in date order.  I’ve got such a huge backlog of photos that are yet to be looked at because I’m always wanting to upload the new ones!

I really didn’t do much.  I had pictured myself reading a lot, knitting my way through a massive tote bag of projects (I was worried I didn’t have enough!) and photographing everything that moved.  Well, I just about managed the last one, I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky and sea.  The only thing I was surprised about was that I didn’t do more knitting.  Which in a roundabout way means that I was having lots of fun with the people that were there and amusing myself with walks along the beach and cliffs taking photos.

Looking back at that week it really showed me how much I miss my husband when I’m away from him, I couldn’t sleep properly and was having bad nightmares.  I really missed the cats too, my whole wee family.  I won’t be going away without him for a very long while.  And that said I’m off to look up ideas for our next weekend away.