I’ve been quiet for a long while yet again.  I started a cookery course at college and that takes up a huge amount of my time.  But, after a lovely long holiday I’m optimistic that I can continue the 365 Doors project that I started two years ago.

The idea:  It’s pretty simple, I will take a photograph of a door each day, matching the day of the year to the door number.

The aim:  In the end I’ll have a nice collection of 365 photographs of doors from around Edinburgh.

The reason:  Well…  I suppose I don’t really have a reason.  I’m not being paid to do this or anything, I just like taking photos.  Since I started my college course on something completely different I haven’t been taking as many photos as I used to, hopefully this will blend the two areas together.

I recognise that there are a few things that might cause a problem…  I am just choosing these doors at random, they’ll have been doors I’ve passed and thought were interesting, but the people who own the property might not be ok with their door being on the internet.  Everyone has probably heard about Google Streetview and one of the cities they feature is Edinburgh.  So I feel like it’s already out there.  Of course I’d never take a photo of a door that isn’t publicly viewable.  And I would never put anything online that might identify a person (like a name plate) or the street that the door is on unless it’s a well-known business or shop.  So my solution was to get some mini business cards from Moo printed up.  And here they are:

moo cards for 365 doors

moo cards for 365 doors

moo cards for 365 doors

They are pretty adorable in real life!  The message on the back says:

Hello there!

My name is Siobhan and I’m a photographer.  I’m doing
a project in which I photograph a different door each
day.  I have photographed your door and would like to
show you the results.  Please visit the site below;


Hopefully it reads well and sounds friendly.  I’ll pop this in the letterbox of each door I photograph.

If you have visited that website, then found your photo and followed the links to here: hello!  I hope you like the photo I took :)

I think this sums up the project nicely but if you have any questions or comments please do write them by clicking “Leave a comment” above!